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As we begin to tie more and more of your experiences as a logistics and trucking professional together via our open marketplace, we are always looking for easy to use and straightforward tools that can add value to your experience.

The Documents tool is just that kind of tool. Now you can upload and store important documents like your authority information, onboarding pdfs and packets and insurance certificates right from your ComFreight web app account.

Gone are the days of searching through your email inbox or your laptop for the key documents you need to store and send to conduct your logistics business. Now you can simply upload, name, and store your documents in the ComFreight cloud. If you need to send a specific document to a ComFreight user or anyone else you’re doing business with, you can simply login from any device, tap the document(s) you want to send, enter an email and the other party will get your documents along with a custom message.

We’re helping you save time, reduce headaches and grow your business with our innovative and easy to use tools every day. Thanks for using ComFreight.

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