Building HaulPay

HaulPay works at the junction of transportation and financial technology: We enable small and medium-sized companies in the transportation industry to work more effectively. We help them by improving their cash flow, automating the mundane and eliminating financial stress. 

HaulPay really cares about its product and about people.

It is not uncommon to see a message like “a customer on the line – that their driver’s truck broke down and they were wondering if we can wire this payment instead of a bank transfer”. We care about building a great team, where people feel comfortable, and supported, and there is always room for discussion and divergent thinking.

Helpful Products

Factoring and Payments

Our main product helps trucking companies run their back office and ensure the fastest payment. We deliver a new and improved digital version of invoice “factoring”, where we purchase the freight invoice to the shipping company from the trucker for a small flat fee.

This means that the trucker gets paid in 1-2 days after they deliver the load. This makes it much easier for them to manage their finances and even helps them grow their business.

We can use our economy of scale to follow up on payments and interact with shipping companies. We also take on the credit risks of shipping companies that never pay or go out of business.

Additionally, HaulPay automates the invoicing process, credit checking, credit terms, data transmission, and reporting required to optimize a trucker’s back-office and day-to-day operations.

Load Board

We also provide a load board that enables our clients to streamline freight matching. The HaulPay load board (formerly known as the ComFreight load board) also helps smaller trucking companies find new customers and network with other trusted parties in our platform’s logistics network.