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Frequently Asked Questions

HaulPay is a new way to factor. Traditional factoring works when a factoring company buys your invoice less a % fee and typically holds back a reserve of 10-20%.

HaulPay for Carriers
does not have any reserve hold back and there is no additional interest charges or penalties for slow paid invoices..

You request funding by creating an invoice in seconds in one of our apps and then we fund you the same or the next day and only take a small flat % fee.

Our max rates are 3% for a single truck operator and go lower based on volume. We’ll even match a broker’s quick pay rate so you can keep more of your payments in one place.

HaulPay is Non-Recourse on credit. If a freight invoice that we factor or advance against does not get paid back because of a credit issue with your customer it’s on us. We only charge back balances if the supporting documentation or date you provide for invoicing is incorrect.
No. We base our program on the creditworthiness of your customer and can often times get you approved and transacting in 24-48 hours. We just verify your business information and a few other points to mitigate fraud.

Once you submit a funding request we’re typically able to fund you within 1 business day.

No. We only have a flat % discount fee per invoice and same-day and 1-day ACH is FREE.

There IS an additional flat fee for wire transfers, but since our free same-day ACH service is so fast most carriers don’t use this option much.

We do not charge any additional interest cost for aged invoices and there are no early termination fees or penalty fees.
No. You select which of your customers that you want factor via HaulPay and can remove customers when you see fit.

We would like to save you time and money on your payment and billing process by helping you to automate all of your billing in one place but also know that you need flexibility.

If a customer’s credit becomes declined or if you just want to invoice or get paid directly by them you can just request to disconnect from them in the app.

You can also use us as a digital invoicing service for declined customers and our system will handle your billing and payments for just $5.00 per invoice.

Client Reviews

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NVS Transport

I have been with HaulPay Factoring over a year now and they have treated me like family and has helped my business in so many ways it’s just Awesome! I’m proud of them and Bless them on many successful years to come!
tino from nvs transport photo

Tridell Transport

My girls are the most important thing in my life. HaulPay gets me paid in 24 hrs. This levels out my cash flow and eliminates the worry of getting paid timely. This is a huge factor in being able to enjoy my down time with my sweeties.
alan from tridell transport photo

AH Trans

One of the best load boards I've come across in a long time–the fastest payment ever from Haul Pay.

AH photo
Alex H.

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