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Brokers Thrive

Frequently Asked Questions

HaulPay is a new way to factor. Traditional factoring works when a factoring company buys your invoice less a % fee and typically holds back a reserve of 10-20%.

HaulPay for Brokers only holds back 5% reserve. Once trust is built the 5% reserve can even be reduced or eliminated completely!

You request funding digitally and you have the option to get paid in 1-day for a small flat % fee and we pay your carrier when they want to get paid between 1-day to 30-days.

We also handle paying your carriers and their factoring companies as fast as you want. Invoicing is also automated and you’re only involved when you want to be.

HaulPay is Non-Recourse on credit. If a freight invoice that we factor or advance against does not get paid back because of a credit issue with your customer it’s on us. We only charge back balances if the supporting documentation or data you provide for invoicing is incorrect.

Yes. By ensuring that carriers are always paid between 1 and 30 days on time we’re able to help you either establish strong new broker credit or improve and refine existing credit ratings.

Once you submit and approve a funding request payments are sent the same or next day. Depending on what payment speed your carrier is set to they will either receive a quick pay or a payment at a future scheduled date no later than 30 days after approval.
All payments are processed as FREE same-day or next-day ACH and there are no extra fees for standard transactions.

Factoring fees range from 1%-3% based on speed and your volume. Larger volume accounts may be offered lower base rates.

Wire transfer is also available if required for a small flat fee and checks are available upon request for free as well.
No. You select invoice to invoice, load to load, whether you’d like us to quick pay you or your carrier or both. You can also elect to have us process your invoice as non-factored for a flat $5.00 fee and just leverage our invoicing automation.

In some cases, the fee can be reduced or waived for this depending on your account. You can also select to only use HaulPay for certain customers you have and omit others as you see fit.
We also have a self-finance feature that gets you all of the benefits of our payment and credit technology while using your own money as the funding source.

We can even help you turn your quick pay program into a profit center.

Client Reviews

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Wicker Park Logistics

The team at HaulPay continues to impress with their ability to reshape what it means to be a factoring partner. From seamless integrations, to capacity matching from within the system, their heavy investments into the technology platform and engineering team are abundantly clear.


Haulpay has been a fantastic partner for us. Their offering in the factoring industry is the best that we have seen, and the support that we receive from their staff is exceptional and personal. We made an excellent decision in working with them and we look forward to growing with them for years to come.

Magnum Transport Services

I have had nothing but success working with the HaulPay system. Their pricing can't be beat, if you don't believe me try it yourself, I gaurantee it! Give me a call I happy to share my experience.


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