The ComFreight Difference in Freight Matching Part 2

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Welcome back! So it's time for a refresher on what the heck we're doing over ComFreight...the open, fast, shareable and social freight matching and bidding freight marketplace and mobile friendly logistics web app - the future of load boards.

We wanted to remind our users and potential new users of some of our biggest differences when looking at ComFreight vs. a regular load board. ComFreight is NOT a regular old load board. ComFreight only allows pre-screened brokers on the site. We then run their credit and verify their credentials. And that's only when it comes to Brokers...

Wait until you hear about what we're doing with Direct Shippers...yes REAL shippers...More and more and more of them joining and posting everyday!

ComFreight is in the CLOUD! You can use the site as a web app from any device. This means if you go from your desktop or work computer to a smart phone or a tablet the site automatically converts itself into a mobile site and web app. In the cloud. Safe and secure.

Also! ComFreight is a Marketplace platform! This means you can create your own user profile and then interact with real live Direct Shippers the moment after you sign up. Bid or quote new direct shipper loads and grow your REAL customer network.

We have users who will pop on here and there and submit a bid or rate on a shipper they have their eye on and we have users who have found multiple new shipper customers from the site just by watching their inbox for a shipper load alert.

We also make sure that loads that carriers call on are LIVE. We don't keep thousands of dead loads in our system just to make our site look busy. We use technology to remove loads that have been covered faster than any other traditional load board.

Check out the real LIVE loads right here! right now! Click this text for fun!

Finally... We alert YOU. When you're not logged into the site our load alert match system for truck posts and our direct shipper load alert tool alerts you when new loads are found that match up to the specific lanes, areas or type of freight you're looking for. THIS means huge time savings AND it means you get the first shot on the load before anyone else on the web can even get to a computer, run a search and then track down a phone number and then call or contact the shipper or broker who is posting the load.

These all add up to an amazing value. A value we are happy to continue to share and grow as our users grow with us. So if you haven't signed up yet sign up today! We'll be here for you anytime. Just send us an email at and we'll get back to you the same day or even within the same hour. We'll take your feedback, your input or your request and start moving on it that very same day.

We're adding new tools. They are already on the expect our Freight Rate Lane index very soon as well as more cloud storage and tracking that's tech you can use and we won't break your bank account!

We're here for you. To Save you Time. Make you MORE Money and Help YOU GROW!

Thank you everyone!

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