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It seems like a great but silent debate lately. Who has more loads? The perpetual measuring contest that is constantly crammed at logistics professionals, trucking companies and owner-operators when they are trying to choose a load board or a load matching service. Load boards that parade their capabilities but offer little in the way of real customer support or attention. So many banner ads flashing and distracting you that you might as well be standing in Time Square or have a strobe light jammed in your face.

At ComFreight we won’t try to sell you on how we have a bazillion loads, we won’t try to sell you on fifty features you’ll never need and we won’t take all of your hard earned money. We don’t have 50 different packages that require you to hire an actuary and an attorney to help you to decode the site before signing up for a free trial.

Do we have loads? Yes. Thousands everyday. Do we have direct shippers? Yes, and our direct shipper base is growing everyday!

One of the goals of ComFreight is to save you time. Is calling on hundreds of loads that have already been covered worth you Paying More for? Or is finding one load that is ready to go or coming up in the future worth Paying Less for? Our users think paying less per month for quality loads is better than paying more for a big number.

The way we ensure you get the first chance on loads is through our matching and alert system. For carriers you can setup specific load alerts by posting a truck to alert you the minute a load is posted by a broker or shipper in the system. Carriers and brokers have the shipper load alert which alerts them the second a direct shipper posts a new load looking for freight quotes on ComFreight. Now you’re getting first access to real loads, in real time and all the time. Have a common lane you haul on? Setup a load alert to notify you while you’re logged off for the rest of the year.  Need to find loads or truck matches for the rest of the month? Post with a closing time a month out. Only Login when you need to change your posts or settings.

ComFreight doesn’t cost more than your car payment and it’s probably more affordable than the last movie you caught at the local movie theater. Quite simply we are here for you, our user. The carrier, the shipper, the broker. Making freight matching online or on your mobile device more friendly, more fun and more affordable.

Let’s be honest. Logistics, transportation and trucking can be a grueling and difficult day to day career, lifestyle or culture of making a living. We take every single ounce of user feedback; our years of experience in the logistics industry from our own team and recommendations and trends from our valued industry partners to help us develop better tools to help you and your business grow.

The goal at ComFreight is to make things a bit more livable, make you a bit more money, find you a back-haul load when you need one, help you find a new customer or shipper who desperately needs help with their freight or help a small business who needs to find a good quality carrier or logistics company to show them the way.

ComFreight is about connecting with others in the industry as much as it is about searching through thousands of load posts or waiting for that perfect load match alert or freight quote to pop into your inbox.

We’re here to help. For a reasonable price from any device.

That’s what we’re here to do. Thank you and keep on truckin’.

Steve Kochan, Founder & CEO

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