Where Online Can Carriers Bid on Freight Shipping & Transportation Loads?

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bid on freight shipping loads

Despite the continued increase in capacity demands and ample freight load opportunities posted across all platforms. The accessible market and large capacity seen in early 2022 should not lull carriers and shippers into a false sense of security. Checking multiple online load boards to maintain high capacity access and lead generation remains critical. Truckers still need to plan when demand declines because current recovery growth will eventually slow, and there is always a risk of future disruptions down the road. 

Digital freight matching (DFM), load-bidding sites, and other innovative tools and platforms available to shippers, carriers, and brokers today make it easier to adapt to shifting markets and industry trends. According to Logistics Management, “ for 2019-2020, investments in U.S. DFM companies were significant, at over $1 billion—and these numbers don’t include internally financed DFM investments by Uber and legacy freight brokers.” Companies can quickly scale up volume, capitalize on profits, tap into various shipping modes, attract new customers and build lasting partnerships like never before. Here are some of the best logistics bidding sites available today for drivers and shipper customers.


When considering the various load-bidding sites open to carriers and brokerages, ComFreight stands as one of the more popular options. Free accounts give carriers direct access to limited load board functions, but ComFreight can grant full access for just $25 per month for unlimited job searching and bidding. This open online load board platform helps streamline the shipper-carrier matching process, which usually is quite tedious. The website also allows carriers to track market rate data and driver-focused load matching to go along with their bidding services.


Carriers and drivers can compare this digital load board and job board to online auction sites and bidding platforms. This freight bidding site makes it possible for drivers to search sites and job postings and make it easier to find and bid on loads to haul. Users post their shipments and requirements, and then transportation companies can search available listings with innovative online delivery bidding tools. Multiple access levels grant members access to more customized searches and personalized assistance with their searching and bidding.


Among the many options available for innovative delivery bidding sites and load boards for carriers, these industry leaders are a valuable asset for carrier-shipper partnerships of all sizes. This private load network helps to improve capacity availability and procurement and makes it easier for carriers to keep profits high and costs low. It accomplishes this by maximizing backhauls, utilizing LTL and partial load options, and unique features to the trucking industry. Integrating with current agreements, this digital load board sends and receives freight bids online.


DAT offers two innovative trucking bidding site access specifically tailored for carriers and drivers. First, DAT TruckersEdge is designed to meet the unique and varied needs of carriers looking for loads in today’s volatile market. Second, DAT Power offers similar services to both carriers and brokers. Membership can be costly compared to digital load boards, but the additional benefits, features, and customer service access are worth the investment. This shipping bidding site’s innovative services can benefit carriers and freight brokers.


While this digital freight matching platform provides online delivery bidding services, it works differently from other freight load boards. Registration is limited to shippers and carriers for the most part. If a freight broker signs up for the platform, the system treats them like shippers or carriers, depending on whether they are listing jobs or placing load bids. Shippers can post as many loads as they like, and carriers can easily search available loads. This offers unique features and services for trucking companies compared to other freight bidding sites. 


This is an excellent example of online load boards done right, as it has been in operation since 1998. Its purpose and mission have been to help carrier and fleet managers keep their trucks full and on the road. Basic membership is free, and it is easy to start and search job boards for available orders. Placing a bid, comparing rates, negotiating terms, and finalizing loads are all streamlined for maximum efficiency. This unique load-bidding site’s approach to posting loads and finding drivers for logistics drivers is a win-win in today’s industry.

My Carrier Resources 

This platform specializes in various services to improve access to freight bids online for shippers and carriers.  Unlike many digital freight matching boards, this platform allows members to search and filter postings based on unique freight carrier criteria. These include the size and weight of the load, location of pick up and drop off, mileage and distance parameters, freight rates and fees, and more. Another feature that sets them apart from other delivery bidding sites is how much detail can be provided about a job posting or within RFPs and communications.

Importance of Digital Load Boards to the Market and Industry Today

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly highlighted the shortcomings of traditional bidding methods and the need for online load boards. The continual shift towards online load-bidding sites is why transportation businesses of all sizes embrace logistics technology and digital processes more readily than in the past. By taking advantage of the latest transportation bidding sites and adequately onboarding and utilizing freight bidding platforms, carriers can more easily connect with shippers and freight brokers alike to maximize productivity and profitability. To learn more and tap into one of the best load boards and digital platforms available, contact ComFreight today to sign up, and don’t forget to get a demo of ComFreight’s HaulPay to see how your team can hasten your cash flow today.

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