New Truck Load Rate Checking Tool on ComFreight Load Board

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The New Truck Load Rate Index Is live in BETA! We are proud to announce that we have launched version 1.0 of our Rate Index Live on ComFreight for our paying Carrier and Broker subscribers to use. The new Trucking Rate Checker allows any paying logistics subscriber of ComFreight to quickly and easily check the most recent truck load rate for a specific freight lane. The new tool can be found easily on the ComBoard when logged in.

Check out a short video of the new Rate Index working below!

load boards

The Rate Index checks for the most recent truck load rates on the lanes you want to look for rates on. Then it displays the Truck Load Rate average instantly whether you're using ComFreight on your smart phone, tablet, computer or any other mobile device.

Check the average Truck Load rate from any device, anywhere and at anytime!

So if you're paying for a Load Board that isn't providing you with a free rate checking tool use ComFreight just to check rates or use it to replace your expensive load board!

If you haven't already be sure to sign up here as logistics or trucking company!

With the BETA launch of Rate Index 1.0 we're excited to announce that we're offering this as a completely FREE add on for all of our current new paying subscribers to ComFreight. In fact it's already there and working right now!

We'll be updating and making the new Rate Index for checking freight rates better and better over the next few months, with more details, more capabilities and options for fine tuning and breaking into even more detailed data. In the meantime please send us feedback or suggestions to

Thank you everyone and welcome to The Future of Load Boards, The Future of Logistics!

-Steve Kochan, Founder @

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