Why is a Load Board the Best Way to Supplement Loads?

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A load board is a great solution for any trucking company or individual trucker looking to supplement loads.

Over 70% of all freight tonnage moved across the USA is moved by truck, so there's always work out there.

But how do you find customers and take on that work?

You don't want to be hauling half-full trucks for half the price when you can fill up your fleet to the brim and make far more money.

If your core customers aren't shipping enough to fill up your truck, a load board could be the solution you're looking for.

In fact, it doesn't matter whether you're a carrier or looking to ship goods. There are great benefits to using this type of board on both sides of the equation.

Find out why you should be using one all the time to make your life easier and more profitable, right here and now.

What Is a Load Board?

A load board is an online digital marketplace where shippers list their goods, ready for truckers to haul.

Truckers make offers to the shipper, using an account registered on the online system for their business. Or it can be the other way around - we'll explain a bit more about how this works below.

It's a great way of your maximizing revenue per trip ratio. By filling up your truck with a second load, you're receiving more cash - rather than wasting time and gas on trips which only feel like they're partly worth your effort.

Alternatively, you can find specific jobs by telling the world how far you're willing to drive and how much you can take at once.

Some boards have extra benefits which allow you to get paid much faster. In fact, our Haul Pay freight factoring system means you can get paid immediately after you deliver a load.

You won't be waiting for your invoices to clear.

This is great news, as your cash flow won't freeze up. If you're an owner-operator especially if your business is relatively new - you'll know how important cash flow is.

So why wait?

Get paid right away with Haul Pay, with no hidden fees - unlike some other freight factoring operators.

We operate this system on a low 3.5% flat fee rate per load, and free next day payments, you won't have the stress of chasing clients for payments to keep your business running.

I'm a Carrier

Looking to supplement loads?

Log in to your chosen load board and post about your truck. You can tell other users how much space you've got and where you're driving from. Plus you'll specify the weight limit you've got available, so that only shippers with suitable loads get in touch.

Enter your upcoming destinations, and post a radius you're willing to travel to pick up or drop off any other extra loads. And you'll set a rate you think is fair, which can be negotiated by shipping companies looking for a truck.

Or, rather than posting your truck and asking shippers to come to you, you can search shipping listings instead.

This way, you can narrow down local options which are convenient enough for you to visit en route to your destination.

You then bid against other truckers to grab the job.

While it's competitive, there are many shipping jobs available on most days. And new jobs are posted all the time. This means that the chances of grabbing a decent supplementary load for your main haul and increasing your income is high.

With the number of trucks and truckers on our roads steadily increasing each year, finding work easily is a real blessing.

Our system even provides gas and revenue estimates to help you assess whether a job is worth a detour or not.

I'm a Shipper

Load boards are used by shippers to advertise their loads. And to agree prices with haulage truckers to take these loads to their destination.

All you need to do is post the basic information about your load; weight, length, and the required delivery date.

You'll get a competitive offer for your shipping load, as truckers must bid against each other to win your load. But as they only need take on jobs they want to, on their own authority, it's a win-win situation.

With intuitive tools at hand to investigate rate trends over time, you'll know what offers are fair, and which are great.

Meanwhile, truckers can take advantage of the same tools to assess the market and make the right pitch.

You can even save your favorite trucks to your account, so that you can make use of their services again in the future.

Find Work Right Now on Our Load Board

If you're a trucker or a shipper, get yourself set up on our load board right now.

You can set up an account with just a few basic details.

Whenever you're ready to take on work, just browse our listings to pick up suitable jobs (or list new work) in no time.

Our helpful and free tutorial will get you up to speed with the system in minutes. So if your truck is idling, or you're a shipper with a load waiting for the right haulage, you won't be waiting long to spring into action.

Integrate With Us

As an add-on to software you are already be using, our seamless integration gives you all the benefits of ComFreight's system in the same place.

This speeds up the freight matching process, so you can list and manage multiple jobs with little effort.

Take things a step further and directly integrate with our load board using our top-notch freight API.

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