Want to hide another user’s loads or trucks from view? Yes It’s Possible!

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We’ve all been there throughout our careers as logistics and trucking professionals. There is a vendor or a company or even a potential customer that you just don’t want to work with. You had a bad experience personally, you’ve shared your negative reviews on ComFreight for their profile and on message board or forums with other truckers.

Now you’re seeing their load posts or truck posts all the time in your results and you just don’t want to have to take the time to filter through all of their posts. Well we have a solution and it couldn’t be easier.

Some of us or maybe all of us (haha) have had to block some people on social media right? Well we invented something very similar to this for you while you’re using ComFreight. This new feature allows you to hide a user by tapping or clicking a button right while you’re viewing their post.

Please note that if you’re on mobile you will have to do this from the details page. When you tap/click the Hide: Posts button and approve the hide, all posts from that user as well as their ability to match up to your other posts that you create will be blocked for the duration of the hide being in effect. Check out the video below to learn more and if there is someone you don’t want to see in your results you can start using this right away on ComFreight.


Once the user’s posts are hidden you won’t see their loads (or trucks if you’re a shipper or broker) in your results or matches for the duration of the block.

Don’t forget that you can un-hide users/companies from the Account section in settings if you ever need to or want to as well.

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