Freight Rates Continue To Rise

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Freight rates continue to rise as peak season continues to progress. Freight rates are rising to three-year highs as tracked through the ComFreight Rate Trend tool. Rates are set to continue to rise slightly as capacity demand primarily drives the increase.

Here are rate trends as tracked through the Rate Trend tool on ComFreight for the past 2 weeks of bid and invoice rate data.

Reefer: US AVG $2:45/Mile

Dry Van: US AVG $2.10/Mile

Flatbed: US AVG $2.29/Mile

We expect rates to continue to rise slightly as we go into the final stretch of peak season.

Looking for tools to make better pricing decisions? The Rate Trend tool is included free with any full access account on ComFreight. This tool is available to shippers, carriers and brokers. Not signed up yet? Sign up here and then upgrade to full access today!

Actual example screenshot of the rate trend tool for Los Angeles, CA to Denver, CO. 

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