Anatomy of a Posted Load

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The anatomy of a load post on ComFreight.

Load. The most relevant unit of freight shipping and the most popular vernacular when talking about over the road hauling.

How does ComFreight display loads and what does the information on a load details page mean? We're glad you asked (and you've asked a few times lately)...

Every load on ComFreight's marketplace has a unique load details page.

This means that every load can be shared or linked to anywhere else on the web. To share a load as a link you just need to copy the complete load url from your browser window and then you can paste it and send it in text, email, etc.

Here is an example of a load url we copied from our browser from ComFreight.

On the load details page there are a few things you should note when viewing them.

There is the Ready and Close and Deliver times that should be noted first. Ready is the time the load is first ready for pick up. Close is the closing time for when the load needs to be picked up by. The Deliver is the delivery date required or targetted for the load.

View the image below for more on the anatomy of a load details page.

Find Loads - Load Page

The spot market trend is the current running average for rates and bids in ComFreight and in the spot market for full truck loads on the lane tied to the load you're viewing.

You can submit a bid on broker or shipper loads with full access at anytime.

Messaging users is easy by posting your message via the Q&A section for any load.

You can see Return Loads or loads on the return route at the bottom of any load page:

backhaul loads

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