Our User Rating System is Finally Here in BETA

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We’ve moved out of testing just over a month ago and are now making some final updates to our user rating system. Carriers, Brokers and Shippers will be able to rate each other on a user’s ComFreight Profile page. The great benefit of this is direct feedback on user’s moves for loads found on ComFreight as well as rating for Shippers (for payment speed, information provided and more!). Simply follow the “view profile” link anywhere you see it, in email bid award alerts, matching load alerts or matching truck to load alerts and select the stars under the user’s profile picture to set a start rating. The rating is a standard 5 star rating system: 1 star for poor and 5 stars for excellent service or experience. The basic rating system is active on select accounts and the remaining capabilities will be rolling out throughout the rest of this week.

Load Boards Reviews

You are also able to leave comments with your rating which will be posted to the user’s profile page. Don’t worry. Since this is still in live BETA our support team will be alerted when new ratings are posted so we can do moderation manually initially. If there is a complaint about a rating you can always email support@comfreght.com, if we haven’t already addressed the review ourselves, and let us know if there is anything that we should help resolve on the new rating. We’ll continue to update this feature so it’s more streamlined and automated for the best possible user experience for all of you!

You can check out a public test profile with ratings by clicking here to view now.

Users who are awarded bids will have the chance to review the Shipper or Load Poster’s activity. The Shipper will also be able to review the Carrier or Transportation Provider’s service to them as well. Full closed loop review to help improve the service levels in our growing freight marketplace community. Alerts will be generated to remind both parties after specific transactions occur in the system to remind them to review as well.

Have a suggestion or question? Email us! help@comfreight.com

Thanks everyone and have a great freight day!

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