The Best Practices for Carriers to Bid on Loads for Hauling Truckload Freight Shipments

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Many issues can arise when bidding on shipments, looking for new shipper customers, and sorting through available job posts to bid on truckloads and freight orders. Rate negotiations can be frustrating, time-consuming, and costly for a carrier, fleet driver, owner-operator, or broker. However, as highlighted by, knowing how to negotiate freight and load jobs and freight transportation rates is critical to growth and success in the freight transportation industry. Good truck hauling bid rates are more than just the highest-paying loads you can find. The following best practices can help you make the most of every opportunity to bid on loads for hauling truckload freight shipments. 

1. Make Use of All Opportunities to Respond to Practical Mini-Bids

When placing bids on loads to haul, remember that not every load will be huge or record-breaking. Mini-bids can help keep trucks full and on the road. Placing a mini bid on moving freight makes it possible to find profitable opportunities. Respond to all opportunities to bid on loads to deliver and make the most of freight brokers.

2. Maintain High Levels of Transparency and Visibility

Transparency and insight can make it easier to bid on shipments and truckloads that are easy to handle while also being profitable. Good visibility into bidding and negotiating processes can help carriers maximize the impact of their bid on shipping jobs every time. Radical transparency can also highlight areas that might need reworking or extra consideration. 

3. Make a Move to Digital Freight Load Board and Working With Digital Brokers

One easy yet powerful way carriers can get access to more chances to submit truck hauling bids and learn how to bid on simple and profitable loads is to access the right load boards. Digital freight matching is the name of the game with truck carriers today and helps them quickly bid on hauling freight without as much concern over profit vs. cost.

4. Collect, Analyze, and Apply Customized Network Data to Know Your Value to Shippers

Accessing customized data and network platforms can make it easier for shippers to bid on freight shipments and secure loads. When placing a bid on moving freight, whether standard or specialty loads, customized analytics can make it easier to find quality shippers. And with good data, it is easier to place truck hauling bids accepted by quality shipping companies.

5. Keep Open Lines of Communication With Real-Time Connections

Shippers looking to place bids on loads to haul must ensure they have access to real-time data and board notifications. Missing out on the opportunity to bid on moving freight or missing a negotiation query from a shipper can cost carriers a great deal of money. Thanks to correct insights, real-time access, notifications, and connections, bidding on loads to deliver is easy.

6. Pay Attention to Data and Predictive Planning Insights for the Market to Know Your Rates

Predictive planning and analytics tools are valuable insight that helps carriers make more accurate truck hauling bids. Accessing data on market trends and shippers’ job posting history can make it easier to understand how to bid on loads at any given time. Drivers can profit from a bid on hauling freight or other cargo by knowing the rate and what kind of loads are available.

7. Balance Spot and Contract Shipment Acceptance

When they bid on shipments and transport loads, some trucking companies have one issue: they focus too much on one type of carrier-shipper partnership. Both spot and contract freight can be profitable. Being able to bid on truckloads with spot rates or having the ability to bid on more long-term shipping jobs opens the door to more opportunities to turn a profit. 

8. Consider Load Specifications and Handling Requirements

Special consideration is often required to make the most of every opportunity to bid on freight shipments. Offering a competitive bid on moving freight that can be easily negotiated and adjusted to meet load specifications and handling needs is critical. The best truck hauling bids are often given by drivers and carriers who offer these customized bids.

9. Plan for Short- and Long-Distance Shipping Load Diversity

Maintaining diversity is critical when a carrier is looking to bid on loads to haul. Not all carriers or load types will be available at all times. Allowing for more variety in the jobs and bids on moving freight makes it easier for carriers to keep their trucks full. Diversifying opportunities to bid on loads to deliver means more ways to connect with shippers, brokers, and carriers.

10. Consider Sustainability and Innovation With Future Bids in Mind

One aspect of truck hauling bids that gets overlooked is how quickly things change. As markets flow and customer demands shift, freight jobs and bid requirements fluctuate too. Knowing how to bid on loads often involves understanding many current market trends. Sustainability and innovation will influence how freight carriers bid on hauling freight loads.

11. Look Back to Past Market Cycles for Bidding Trends

Carriers looking to bid on freight shipments or interested in expanding their reach to move freight jobs that are more specialized need to look back on past data for guidance. Market cycles, season ebb and flow, and paste rates for truck hauling bids can make it easier for drivers today to make fair and profitable bids for transportation companies of all sizes.

12. Utilize Supply Chain Technology Innovation to Overcome Disruptions

Disruptions are an unfortunate reality for shippers and carriers. It is possible to overcome them from the beginning by placing bids on loads to haul and finding suitable loads to bid on moving freight online. By bidding on loads to deliver through real-time matching load boards and platforms, carriers and shippers can easily avoid common supply chain disruptions.

13. Diversify Shipper and 3PL Relations to Maximize Bidding

Truck hauling bids come in various types and specifications, which is why a key to knowing how to bid on loads and make the most significant profit comes down to diversifying shipper pools and bid types. When drivers and carriers can bid on hauling freight and put out many bids for different loads, positive responses are likely throughout the transportation industry.

14. Establish KPIs and Monitor for Signs of Potential Issues Among Your Shippers and Drivers

When drivers bid on shipments or available loads, they must do so with accurate information and insight. When bidding on truckloads, carriers and shippers must collaborate with plenty of real-time analytics and KPIs. This approach will make it easier to bid on shipping jobs without placing bid rates too high or too low for a particular contract. 

15. Do Not Forget About Backhauls and Avoiding Deadhead

Carriers must consider more than just one leg of the trip to make the most of every available bid on freight shipments and freight sale opportunities. Practical and profitable bids on moving freight will avoid dead-haul miles and empty truckloads and keep back-haul travel in mind. Truck hauling bids should consider every leg of the trip to maximize profit and eliminate excess cost.

Get the Best Rates for Hauling Truckload Freight Shipments With a ComFreight Partnership

Carriers and drivers who make their living by placing bids on truckloads and spend most of their time looking for good job posts to put truck hauling bids toward are looking for one thing. They need to find the best loads at the best possible rates when working with 3PLs, brokers, and other carriers. It is important to remember that a bid on shipments and cargo is genuinely profitable when it offers good profit margins, does not require excessive fees or work, and is an overall low-stress experience for carriers and shippers alike. 

With the right tools and access to the best digital load boards and freight job platforms, you can capitalize on available loads, quickly bid on shipping jobs, win freight customers, and keep your trucks full. To learn more about improving how you bid on moving freight and building more substantial and mutually beneficial relationships with shippers and brokers, contact ComFreight today to sign up and request a demo of how ComFreight’s HaulPay can improve your cash flow too. 

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