The ComFreight Difference: How to make the best Load Board?

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I get asked this a lot by industry professionals who come across the ComFreight website and web app. Typically I am asked, “What makes ComFreight different from other load boards on web?”

I’d like to go into more detail in this blog post on exactly what those differences are and why ComFreight is hands down the best value in a freight matching site or load board and load matching platform you will find on the web.

First of all ComFreight is inexpensive. Our premium package offers full searching tools, priority freight matching for your truck space or loads and full email alert capability for matches for only $15 per month. Most of our competitors are offering more complicated systems that cost $35-$75 per month minimum for a subscription.

For example a subscription to a traditional load board will run you $420-$900 per year! For that same year with ComFreight you would have only spent $165 and not a penny more. Talk about savings!

We also don’t have any contracts and we give you the flexibility to use the system as you please. Create as many posts as you want, leave the email alerts turned on and wait for your inbox to be filled with good paying loads as they are posted into the system by other users of the site. Post it and forget it!

We are also the original innovators who brought you automatic email match alerts for matching freight posts as well as the mileage radius matching tool for lanes.Thanks to being the leaders in innovation we have a unique long term view and the exclusive capability to bring you more and more innovative features and refinements to improve your freight matching experience.

Another big difference in the ComFreight Marketplace is that you don’t have to create multiple posts or copy or replicate old saved posts for the following day. Simply edit your current post after the business day is through for your requirements for the coming day or week(s). The platform shapes to your needs. Put an end to needless copying or creating duplicate posts. Just edit the fields you need to in your current saved post, re-post and log out of the system. ComFreight will email you when there is a match.

The loads on ComFreight are not duplicates and they are higher quality loads. So why would you pay more for an inferior system with thousands of duplicate loads to sift through? Our system is also community regulated. If a user finds a post that was not removed by another poster that user can remove the post from the system instantly after discovering the load or truck has already been booked.

ComFreight also allows for real time bidding on freight shipments or loads in the system without cutting into your profit margin or requiring any payment by either party involved in the bid to connect with the other user and get the load moving! Some competitors are taking 15-22% margins just to let you view the other users contact info and complete the booking process for a load. At ComFreight we don’t take ANY margin. You keep 100% of whatever the margin on the load will be and users can interact freely without hidden fees. We’re very proud of this fact and will continue to keep matching freight this way!

ComFreight is also aimed at making the partial load matching process easier and more time efficient. We’re building patent pending tools that are helping brokers and carriers make more money on every move by filling their trucks to the brim.

Have a truck that is hauling 40 feet of freight but is a 53 foot long truck? Post the left over space in the system and let the freight matching begin. Find an LTL load within range? Contact the poster and pick the freight up on the way out of town!

These are just a few points that help explain the ComFreight difference.

We’re dedicated to bringing you more cutting edge features for our users over the next few months that will improve freight consolidation and that will help you grow your logistics business or trucking company to even greater heights!

To start bidding & matching and to get full access sign up by clicking here today!

Stay tuned for more in the coming months…

Steve Kochan, Co-Founder & CEO @ ComFreight

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