LISTEN: ComFreight CEO, Steve Kochan, on Meet Me For Coffee w/ Samantha Jones

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During a recent appearance on the Meet Me For Coffee LinkedIn live event, our CEO Steve Kochan discussed ComFreight, HaulPay, and the importance of cash flow in the trucking industry. He delved into the company’s journey, from its modest load board origins to its current position as a sophisticated freight factoring and payment services provider. Throughout the discussion, Steve highlighted the notable features of ComFreight and how they work to help streamline processes for carriers and brokers and keep cash moving. 

Going into the conversation, Samantha Jones had some crucial questions regarding cash flow in the trucking industry that she wanted to get to the bottom of:

  • As a shipper, do extended pay terms impact your freight costs? 
  • As a broker or carrier, what are your options for sustaining such lengthy cash flow cycles?
  • Should there be a difference in how you view partners with 30-day terms and partners with 120-day terms? 
  • How can brokers and carriers better manage their cash flows to retain strong balance sheets and healthy profit margins?

Cash flow can quickly make or break a business within this competitive industry. Not only for shippers, but carriers and brokers as well. To learn about the importance of cash flow in this industry, its positive and negative effects, and solutions for improving cash flow, listen in to this fantastic video. 

To listen to the recording of this live interview, all you need is a LinkedIn login. Click the link below to listen: 

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