Benefits of Sharing Your Available Freight

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Often the logistics and trucking industry is one on that is closed and very private. Privacy is necessary for security in many cases but in the case of getting bids or offers for freight in your network the more visibility the better. So how do we improve our visibility and get real offers for freight in our network as a shipper or as a broker? And how to we continue to save on our logistics spend while also improving service to our end customers (as shippers or vendors) or to our shippers (as brokers or carriers).

You'd never usually hear anyone say this in logistics but sharing really is caring. Caring for your customers, vendors and drivers in your network and company operating in the logistics space. Is it easy? It really can be!

Social media platforms offer an excellent way for you to broaden your networks and improve your potential partnerships. Even more so is having the ability to easily and quickly share available shipments. One of the things we've focused on is making it easy for any user to easily share their available capacity or RFPs for freight.

Watch this quick video on how to quickly create a load and then share it faster. 

So share your RFPs. Mass email lists and manual processes for achieving the best possible rate and quality for logistics operations are tedious and time consuming. Start sharing and start finding and inviting more to your network by working smarter.

Questions or need more ideas on sharing your RFPs or empty capacity?

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