The Best Bids on Loads are the Right Bids on Loads…

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We hope your new year in business in 2016 is off to a great start. We wanted to take some time to talk about shipper loads and loads that are open to bidding and not just direct calls on the ComFreight Marketplace and how bids are commonly awarded.

Although most loads that are posted on the ComFreight load boards are loads that you can call directly on as a carrier, many loads posted by direct shippers are bid-only posts. This means the load poster wants to receive a bid alert (which automatically includes your user profile) to then be able to contact you or award you the bid.

Many users think that the lowest bid wins when shippers or other load posters post loads up for bid. This is actually not the case. The majority of winning bids on loads that are posted by shippers or brokers on ComFreight are the right bids for the circumstance and not simply the lowest possible bids placed. Why is this the case?

In most of the test cases we've viewed, the shipper is looking for the right fit for the move and that often times may require a certain type insurance or equipment. In many other cases the shipper is looking for a specific type of partner for the load. This can be a brokerage with more history or time in business but it can also be shippers who want to work with smaller carriers or brokerages directly. It varies for every load poster.

At ComFreight we don't force bidders to bid lower than a previous bid. When you place your bid on a load the notification being displayed to the shipper or load poster shows them your full profile information you have with ComFreight.

Here is great example of a user profile that's been filled out with accurate info.

This is why it's important to make sure you take a few minutes to update your ComFreight profile so that it includes a logo or profile picture, an accurate MC# or DOT# and if possible a review from another company who has an account with a rating from a previous experience. All of this helps you and increases your chances of winning a bid you have placed on a load or lane on the ComFreight marketplace.

best load boards for shippers

So carriers and brokers be sure to include as much accurate information and if possible a review from another user in the system to improve your profile displayed to posters.

Hopefully this helps shed some more light on loads that are posted as bid-only and we look forward to delivering you an increasingly improved experience with new updates.

Thank you!

Steve Kochan, Co-Founder & CEO.

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