7 Ways to Find Truck Loads Available and Get on the Road

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Time is wasting, get on the road and make money now. Read about the 7 ways to find truck loads available when demand is down.

Truckers don't have it easy. With big customers like Wal-Mart and Amazon bringing their fight to our front doors and changes all over the industry, it can be a challenging time to be working as a freight professional.

Without the best tools for supporting your business it can be a struggle just to make ends meet. And finding truck loads available for freight can be more competitive than ever these days.

With multiple contacts, big competition, and new technology, it seems that getting to truck loads available can be a chore. The right tools are required to make those tasks as easy as possible and get you on the road.

We can help. Here are 7 ways to find truck loads available starting now:

1. Load Boards

Which are the best load boards? Which load boards do you use?

It seems like the only game in town anymore is load boards. But trucking professionals know that even load boards can be a burden if you use the wrong ones.

Also, load boards can favor the companies and drivers that have been there for a while. After time it seems like the same trucks are getting all the work.

The technical aspects can be challenging as well. You may susceptible to more SPAM messaging than actual notifications of available loads.

There is no question that internet technology has made much of the back end of trucking and freight easier for finding loads. But make sure you are using load boards that don't make integration and access more difficult than need be.

2. Focus on Service

Too many trucking and freight professionals think that load boards and auctions have changed the industry so much that low price is the only issue.

But if you don't have great and reliable service low rates won't matter.

3. Freight Brokers

Freight Brokers are another way to find truck loads available for hauling. The good news is if you have a great relationship with a freight broker you will likely have access to available loads.

The bad news is that the industry is so competitive that freight brokers can eat away at your income if you use the wrong services.

It is no good to find and haul the loads if you are only making money for freight brokers. Like every other aspect of driving, these services should help your business and make life easier for you getting on the road.

trucking load board

4. Auctions

There are auto auctions out there that constantly need drivers to move cars from one location to the next. If you are looking for truck loads available then a relationship with auto auctions can help stabilize your business.

The great benefit is that you can count on the work. In today's industry, there aren't many clients you can depend on to consistently deliver work.

The bad news is low rates. You will also need to commit to a certain amount of service.

Many truck drivers understandably try and avoid being tied into a low rate service with a commitment. Make sure you calculate what the possible negatives to your business will be against the influx of loads.

5. Watch Your Safety Record

Getting truck loads available means taking care of your business every mile you travel. Nothing is more important to brokers and dispatchers than trusting a freight carrier with a great safety record.

If you are letting your safety record slip it will be that much harder to successfully secure the loads that are available on the market.

Since safety is such a concern it is important to go above and beyond when documenting your precautions.

Are you up to day on the latest rules for texting from the FMCSA? How is your compliance with their medical requirements?

It's not okay to leave safety to chance. Make sure you document your compliance and keep your performance on track.

6. Stay Ahead of the ELD Mandate

While many in the industry have worked to try and delay the adoption of the ELD Mandate it seems positioned to go into effect in December of this year.

Nearly 3 million drivers will be affected by this mandate. Your customers and potential clients are well aware of the looming changes and you need to be as well.

Securing the available truck loads will require that you show potential clients your are in full compliance.

Now is the time to adopt ELD to make sure you are ahead of the competition when the changes take effect.

7. Start Early

The old adage about the early bird getting the worm goes double for freight and trucking professionals who are looking for the best loads available.

Finding loads is one thing. You want loads that are the right price and benefit you and your company.

Clients will always want the lowest rates possible. But they also want safe, insured service.

If you start early each day you will have a better chance at scoring the best loads. Brokers, shippers, and clients of all shapes and size post the most and best loads early in the morning.

Making sure you get a leg up on the competition and start early is as important as anything else when being matched to the right loads.

Truck Loads Available Are Waiting for You

Are you watching the competition succeed and wondering what you're missing? The truth is that there are truck loads available right now waiting for professional freight carriers to handle and deliver them efficiently.

At ComFreight we help freight professionals find truck loads available 24/7.

Even better, we make it as easy as possible to find those loads and get paid from every device. You won't have to juggle various contacts any longer.

You can get alerted when shippers post, view match results, view approvals for credit and factoring, and take care of every aspect of finding the best loads for you.

Don't wait another day to get on the road with the quality loads you are looking for. Contact ComFreight now and find out more about how we can help your trucking business starting now.

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